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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Assi® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its boutique sister brand Merav EVOO are produced and bottled with ancient tradition and sacredness in mind. The olive trees are nourished from the waters of the Jordan River in Israel, the most sacred of all rivers in the Bible. All of our oil is produced using environmentally friendly practices. From picking the choicest olives off the tree to employing a hands-on approach throughout our entire process, we assure you that Assi & Merav Extra Virgin Olive Oils will provide you with the same high quality, flavorful product that has been enjoyed in the Holy Land for centuries.

All Assi & Merav Extra Virgin Olive Oils are OU Kosher certified. higher degree of kosher certification is available under Assi brand.

Assi EVOO is available in 4L, 1L and 750ml containers as well as in bulk. Merav EVOO is available in 500ml glass bottle in limited quantities. Please contact us for pricing, availability and shipping information.

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