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About Us

Everything from everywhere, we source the freshest herbs & specialty vegetables, the most exotic fruits & and most interesting fresh produce the world has to offer.

We are a fast paced boutique import and distribute fresh specialty produce company, focused on premium quality products and customer relationships. We understand that our customers need fresh premium products.


Our mission is to have the highest quality of goods delivered quickly to our customers, to be a highly reliable vendor to our clients, and make sure we offer consistency year round. This guarantees that our customers have the best quality, freshest, with the longest shelf life possible and why chefs in many of the top restaurants in New York City and the east coast continue to request only our products.

We offer unique cooling chain and logistic solutions to our clients, in order to provide the best possible products, at the shortest time possible, from harvest to our client's warehouse.

We know that farming and harvesting are seasonal, so we are dedicated to providing our customers with a year round solution offering what they need all year long. We work with many different global regions so we can offer the freshest food from the best farmers, year round.

Our vision is to continue to grow as a leader in the premium food market and to always provide the freshest, richest tasting fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. We demand the best and fastest from farming to shipping so we can offer the best to our customers.


Fresh turmeric farm - Jamaica

What identify Columbus is the unique close relationship with its growers

The relationships we cultivate with our growers will always be the foundation of our company. We believe that forging rich, meaningful partnerships fosters success.

Each of our products has a story, a life cycle, and a connection with an individual grower and his farm.

Dragon fruit field.jpg

Dragon fruit farm - Vietnam

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